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My story begins in my grandmother's kitchen in Israel. She came from Libya in the 1930's and brought with her authentic recipes and cooking styles. As I child my brothers and I spent our summers with my grandparents and I was always there when she was cooking - taking in the smells and learning as much as I could. As I watched her create simple dishes, over-flowing with flavor I knew this was what I wanted to do.


At 16 I was working in an event hall. The head chef watched me cutting vegetables in the kitchen and told me that I should be pursuing cooking as a career, his comment confirmed for me that I was on the right path. After high school and the army I moved to Jerusalem to attend culinary school and after that I made my way to Eilat where I had friends who were already working in the 5 Star Hotels there. I spend 8 years in Eilat working at 3 different hotels. Then, I travelled to India and Thailand to learn more about Asian cuisine.


In 2006 I left Israel for Miami and was offered a job in a kosher Chinese restaurant which turned out to be an amazing year and a half and where I made lifelong friends. In 2007 I moved to Brooklyn and was the executive chef at a kosher Italian restaurant. During this time I met several clients who loved my food and asked me to come and cook in their homes. I quickly realized that this was my calling - I was most happy working on a personal level with clients. I enjoyed creating custom menus for them that met their individual needs - kids, dietary requirements and special events such as anniversaries, holidays and other special parties.


Along the way, I have aspired to use the basis of my grandmother's recipes while elevating them to the next level. I love to cook lots of Mediterranean dishes which include vegetables, olive oil, fish, nuts, whole grains and other nutrient rich foods.

Looking forward to making a passionate, personal meal for your family.

Chef Guy



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